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Nuseal Insulating Gasket
Nuseal Insulating Gaskets are used to an electrical insulation between the flanges. These are highly effective and able to resist chemicals, acids and high temperatures. They are also capable to withstand high stress.

Assembly Technology
Under assembly technology category, we have included different assemblies which act as connecting devices for joining pipes, valves and pumps. From light weight to heavy duty assemblies are produced in-house.
Flappers and Caps
Flappers and Caps are pivoted metal caps used in the exhaust pipeline to prevent the entry of rain water other contaminations into the pipeline. The surface is protected with coating of various material to prevent corrosion.

Dismantling Joints
Dismantling joints make it easy to repair various types of valves and pumping systems. They are used in many fluid distribution industries such as water treatment plant, oil and gas industries.

Monolithic Joints
Monolithic Joints are mainly used in pipeline and construction industries to attract electric charge which help to prevent corossion and current flow in pipelines. These can also be used in ships for cathodic protection.

Insulating Sleeve & Insulating Washers
Insulating Sleeve and Washers are made from insulators and are placed in between flange connection to prevent metal to metal contact to avoid charge flow due to difference in electro negativity of flange material and its bolts.

Gauge Hatches
Gauge Hatches are used to provide air tight locking in high pressure tanks containing highly reactive and volatile fluids. They are made from non blazed aluminium which give high tensile strength.
Spiral Wound Gaskets
Spiral Wound Gaskets are used as a seal between two mating mechanical components like flange. They are used to prevent leakages in fluid pipelines. They are highly rigid in construction which helps to cope with high pressures.
Flow Straightener
Flow Straighteners are used as an element which conditions the fluid flow within a pipeline. These are designed as per various test standards which allows the uniform flow and helps to reduce the wear and enhances the system life.
Flow Conditioning Plate
Flow Conditioning Plates are tools use in high pressure fluid systems to regulate the turbulent flow of liquid. The structure is in the form of a plate with highly precise and finished holes which helps to make the flow uniform.
Internal Finished Pipes for Metering
Internal Finished Pipes for Metering are mainly used in fluid industries and acts as a crucial element of metering slip. These are made from top quality engineering material which give high strength to pipe and make them corrosion resistant.

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